SAP/ERP Course Contents for Module: Basis


Week 1: HW & SW Introduction:              

  • Architecture of Different HW Devices
  • Languages and Software Development
  • Introduction to OS
  • Types of OS 
  • Introduction to Database
  • Database Architecture and Concepts
  • Types of Database
  • Overview of Oracle Database and Architecture

Week 2: ERP Introduction                

  • ERP and its background
  • Different types of ERPs
  • Evolution of SAP
  • Different versions of SAP
  • New dimensional components of SAP
  • Modules of each SAP component

Week 3: SAP Net weaver Architecture            

  • NW Introduction
  • Components of NW 
  • Core Architecture
  • Application servers, Central Instance, Dialog instance
  • ABAP and Java Stacks
  • Message servers, Dispatchers
  • WPs and the types
  • System Landscape

Week 4: SAP Components               

  • Core Component and functionality 
  • NEW Dimensional components and basis introduction of these functionality
  • Modules of SAP components
  • Roles in SAP application
  • Basis introduction to ABAP and T-Codes
  • Basis introduction to SAP technical work flow

Week 5:  Installation                 

  • Layers of SAP Application
  • Pre-requisites for SAP installation
  • SAP installation
  • DB installation
  • Application server installation
  • Front End installation
  • Start and Stop SAP
  • Post installation
  • Hosts and Services files
  • Directory Structure of SAP

Week 6: Workshop

  • Hands on creation and practice Assessment Workshop
  • Doubt Clearing Session

Week 7: Client Administration               

  • Client Concept
  • Create  clients
  • Prerequisite for Client Copy 
  • SCCL and Client Export/Import, Copy Logs and monitoring of Client Copy

Week 8: TMS, Support packs and Addons           

  • TMS introduction & configuration
  • TMS functionality and methods to use
  • Support packs and installation
  • ABAP and Java Patching
  • Kernel upgrade/Patching

Week 9: General Administration            

  • Daily, weekly and monthly monitoring the system health.
  • T-Codes related to System monitoring.
  • Background Jobs administration
  • Spool architecture and administration
  • Language installation
  • Oss notes and SAP service market place
  • SAP NET uses.
  • Performance tuning methods and implantation.

Week 10: Database administration             

  • Oracle Database concepts 
  • Monitoring Table spaces
  • SAPDBA/BR Tools
  • DB Activities and T-Codes 

Week 11: Wrap Up Session             

  • Introduction to BW/BI.
  • Introduction of BW/BI and integration with ECC and other backend systems
  • Introduction of SCM and basis integration with ECC
  • Introduction of CRM, SRM, XI, Portal etc and their integration

Week 12: Workshop

  • Hands on creation and practice Assessment Workshop
  • Doubt Clearing Session