IS Risk Management


Information System Risk Management is something few companies can ignore. As part of a company's regular business operations, minimizing risks is really all about helping the continuity of the day-to-day details even in the face of an IT emergency. Guidance Consulting helps you to achieve this by defining risks and creating actionable plans for improvements and upgrades.
Our comprehensive approach includes: 

- Defining risks for technical, physical, and administrative needs 
- Measuring and documenting risks (using risk and control framework)
- Monitoring of risks using real-time visibility
- Creating a reporting plan for risks
- Compliance with company policies (or revision of company policies, as needed)
- Continuing and ongoing risk management 
- Employee training for 
risk management compliance

The gNet Risk Management approach is all about creating unique plans for every type and size of business. It doesn't matter whether you operate in the financial world or as part of a nonprofit network the information your network or IT infrastructure contains is important. We develop the types of results that not only allow you to keep your risks low, but that do it with as minimal cost and effort as possible. 

Contact our expert engineers today to learn more about how our Risk Management program can keep your business secure for today and for tomorrow.