Project Management

Project Management

Organisations and business of today need personnel with solid project management competence. Certified project mangers know how to deliver with quality, faster and less expensively. The IPMA certification is performance based and provides standards by which project management performance can be measured.

Employee benefits:

  • The Recognition compliments and enhances other technical or business qualifications
  • It provides peer recognition of one’s competence.
  • It assists the transferability of an individual’s skills from one company or industry to another.
  • Through participation in the certification process, individuals enhance their confidence in their project management and general business knowledge.

Customer benefits:

  • The Recognition enables clients to assess a proposed project manager’s competence.
  • It provides positive proof that the individual concerned has gained peer recognition of his/her ability to manage projects.

Benefits for global organisations:

  • Communication and co-operation are accelerated due to an internationally compatible certification process.
  • Cross- comparisons of project management and performance criteria can be made
  • Appropriate competencies can be set up and developed to uniform standards, thereby ensuring effective placement of personnel.