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Telecom Infrastructure Management System:

RMCS is an advanced web based  solution to address the needs to monitor unmanned rural BTS sites in the network which can monitor site alarms, status, measurement, DG& energy management. This helps in managing and reducing the site downtime and OPEX of the operator drastically.Our new revolutionary RMCS service will take the telecom sites operation to the next level. This helps to maintain the high uptime at the lowest cost.Advanced level server at Network Monitoring Center to store data for analytical reports-

  1. Server level redundancy for data receive/Access
  2. High speed data lines for data collection
  3. Online access to users
  4. Enhanced Data management capability at server end
  5. Access to current status, reports of alarm, status etc.
  6. Auto Email, SMS for critical alarms to intended recipients
  7. Concurrent access to over 200 user
  8. Monitoring capability of 30,000 sites
  9. Fully secure data storage
  10. Online user profile management