Unit 1: The Procurement Process: Basics

Unit 2: Master Data

Unit 3: Procurement of Stock Material

Unit 4: Procurement of Consumable Material

Unit 5: Procurement of External Services

Unit 6: Reporting and Analysis Functions

Unit 7: Basics of Consumption-Based Planning

Unit 8: Cost Planning

Unit 9: Source of Supply

Unit 10: Source Determination

Unit 11: Optimized Purchasing

Unit 12: Document Release Procedure

Unit 13: Basic Invoice Verification Procedure

Unit 14: Variances and Invoice Blocks

Unit 15: Subsequent Debits/Credits, Delivery Costs and credit memos

Unit 16: Automated Processes in Invoice Verification

Unit 17: GR/IR Account Maintenance and Customizing

Unit 18: Introduction to Inventory management

Unit 19: Good Receipt

Unit 20: Stock Transfers/Transfer Postings

Unit 21: Reservations

Unit 22: Goods Issues

Unit 23: Special Procurement Form: Consignment

Unit 24: Physical Inventory

Unit 25: Analysis

Unit 26: Customizing for Inventory Management

Unit 27: Purchasing Customizing Settings

Unit 28: Message Determination

Unit 29: Organizational Levels in MM

Unit 30: Master Data for Materials Management

Unit 31: Valuation and Account Assignment

Unit 32: Purchasing Details & Optimization

Integration and Project Discussion