IT Governance

IT Governance through gNet offers your company everything you need to create actionable results. Although information security is largely dependent on your existing IT framework, there is still a human element to everything your company does. That's why our IT Governance and monitoring program discovers where you might have vulnerabilities in planning, implementing, and following through with the policies that affect every aspect of what you do. 
The gNet approach allows businesses to get the most out of their existing IT infrastructures and their workforce. We offer everything from:
- Creation and implementation of IT policies, standards, and procedures 
- Employee training and awareness
- Creation of a universal site for accessing security policies and updates
- Employee compliance testing and metrics
- Policy exceptions and violations
- Regular updates as technology and regulations change
- Compliance with federal information security regulations

gNet empowers businesses to take information security to the next level. Through our comprehensive IT Governance packages (including Audit Management, Policy Management, and Risk Management), you can reduce your IT risks across the board, addressing everything from your hardware and software issues to regular employee compliance. 

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