International Project Management Association Level C



The candidate who wants to be a Certified Project Manager by IPMA as a Level-C, he/she should have at least three years of project management experience in responsible leadership functions of projects with limited complexity (entry requirement).

For whom it is

People working in heavy industry (Power plant, Biomedical, Construction, Roads and Highways, etc.) preferably having 3 years or more working experiences as project manager.


The candidate shall be able to manage projects with limited complexity, and / or to assist the manager of a complex project in all competence elements of project management (core competence).

In the previous experience he /she had the responsibilities for managing a project with limited complexity in all aspects, or for managing a sub-project of a complex project. After achieving IPMA-C certficate, he/she might apply comlex project management processes, methods, techniques and tools for better optimization of the system.

Training Period

5 days training period including Friday and Saturday (9am - 5pm)

Training Fee

Will be announced soon.

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