International Project Management Association



To obtain the IPMA-D level certificate, experience in the project management competence elements is not compulsory but having knowledge on the project elements is an added advantage if the candidate already has applied his/her project management knowledge to some extent (entry requirement).

For whom it is

People working in heavy industry (Power plant, Biomedical, Construction, Roads and Highways, etc.) preferably having 2 years or more working experiences as project coordinator/team member.


The candidate shall have the knowledge in all competence elements and be able to apply it (core competence). He/She can practice in any competence element. May work in some fields as a specialist. May work as a project team member or a member of the project management staff specially as a Project Co-ordinator or Database administrator. Would have broad project management knowledge and the ability to apply it.

Training Period

4 days training period including Friday and Saturday (9am - 5pm)

Training Fee

Will be announced soon.

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