ERP Solution For RMG Industries

Charka is a high impact Enterprise Resource Management System that delivers unprecedented levels of manageability and adaptability. It provides operational ease, information transparency and administrative control over Readymade Garments Industries. Charka keeps the operations tuned to all those standards of business management that the customers operate and competitors dream to achieve for the organization. Charka is an integrated Readymade Garments Management system developed using State-of-Art technologies and tools.

Merchandising (Export Order Management)

  • Export Order & its tracking Buyer wise, Style wise, Merchandiserwise, Order Status wise.
  • Material Requirements planning from per piece standardconsumption with special emphasis to allowing for revisions/ahlteration.
  • Export Order estimated costing (budgeting).
  • Order wise Critical path setup and order performance Monitoring
  • Early warning system based on Critical Path
  • Lab dip approval follow up with documentation
  • Sample Yarn Requisition
  • Sample approval follow up with documentation
  • PI for Master LC
  • Yarn Dyeing Order
  • Yarn booking follow up with documentation
  • Accessories approval follow up with documentation
  • Accessories Order
  • Raw material testing follow up with documentation
  • Customer comments follow up with documentation


  • Export LC details
    • Export LC details / Style and Order information / Documents requirement / LC conditions / LC notify information
  • Export LC amendments
  • Performa Invoice for Back-to-back L/C’s referring to the list of Master L/C
  • Back to back LC details
    • Back to back LC details / Back to back LC order information /Documents requirement / Back to back LC conditions/Bill of entry information
  • Local procurement plan by using master list of suppliers, items and
  • prices and purchase orders.
  • Import invoice
  • Export Invoic
    • Bill of exchange / Invoice/ Packing list
  • LC negotiation
  • Export proceed
  • LC wise Commercial expenses

Store Inventory Management System

  • Receipt / Issue of materials against the Purchase Orders, Export
  • Orders Job work orders.
  • Tracking of store stock: daily inward / daily outwards / ledgers /location wise / party wise.
  • L/C and Back to Back L/C wise Goods Received Note (GRN)
  • Stock Transfer Note (STN)
  •  Goods Issue Slip (GIS)
  •  Goods Return Slip (GRS)
  •  Goods Scrap Slip (GSS)
  • Periodic Stock Taking Information and adjustment entries

Production Control System

  • Production system setup entries (oor set up, Machine setup, Gaze
  • set up, Activity set up, Unit set up etc.)
  • Generation of Manufacturing Order against Export Orders and
  • tracking of Garments Made.
  • Transaction entries from dierent production units
  • Tracking issues to the Factories and material reconciliation at the
  • end of production.

HR Pay Roll

  • Employee prole entry
  • Parameterized salary calculation setup (Fixed / Variable)
  • Parameterized bonus provision
  • Flexible non production salary option
  • User dened production rate setup option at month end
  • Salary advance option with repayment schedule
  • Salary deduction option
  • Arrear salary entry option
  • Auto generation of production wise salary from production floor entry

Financial Accounts

  • Flexible chart of accounts set up
  • Flexible nancial statement set up
  • Flexible voucher type set up
  • Closing balance entry option
  • Closing stock entry option
  • Credit voucher/Debit voucher/Journal voucher entry
  • Periodic processing(Month end / Year end / Posting process)
  • Reports
    • Trial balance
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • Receipt and Payment statement
    • Cash ow statement
    • Cash and Bank book
    • Subsidiary Ledger
    • Control Ledger