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Welcome to gNet

Why do you need cerftifications?

Certifications are the validity of the knowledge and understanding you say you have. It is a way for employers to understand what you are bringing to the company without going through an extensive Q&A with the prospective employee. According to statistics made on major big organizations managers say that they screen resumes based on certifications and certified employees earn 35% more than non-certified employees. This is regardless of a degree. If you are going to be successful in your industry and get the kind of money you deserve, you are going to have to obtain a certification.

What does gNet provide with?

gNet Professional Training Center is a group of experienced specialists providing specific training and consultancy solutions, within Management Skills, I.T. systems, Human Resource Development, Credit Management, Sales, Finance and Engineering. We believe in using a combination of tailored, flexible approaches and real-life business knowledge to develop and provide techniques and solutions for immediate implementation.
gNet activities

Our recent projects include supporting major initiatives for clients in utilities, telecoms, manufacturing and software, covering:

    human resource development
    restructuring for competitiveness
    productivity improvements through updating work processes to match new technology
    managing outsourcing

gNet methodologies

    Work closely with clients to understand and help them prioritise their needs
    Design and deliver the best mix of training activities and consultancy to establish the competencies required
    Provide ongoing coaching to sustain the improved practices and processes

Uniqueness of training in gNet

We create relevant, targeted, enjoyable, and interactive, training sessions which are designed to improve the retention of information by participants and create a clear link from the training to the workplace. This creates a planned, visible improvement in key business indicators such as productivity, motivation, loyalty, employee retention, and ultimately, profit.

Our collaborative approach builds long-term relationships with clients. Together, we can deal effectively with the inevitable challenges all businesses face.