UNIT –I: Organization Units

UNIT –II: Master Data

UNIT- III: Event – Based Posting

UNIT – IV: Period – End Costing

UNIT-V: Inter order: Over View

UNIT- VI: Master Data of Internal Orders

UNIT: VII: Event base Posting

UNIT – VIII: Period – End Closing of the internal order

UNIT – IX: Planning, Budgeting and Availability Control

UNIT – X- Information System

UNIT – XI – Master Data:

UNIT – XII: Planning in Management Accounting

UNIT: XIII: Introduction to product cost planning

UNIT – XIV: Reference and Simulation costing

UNIT – XV: Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure

UNIT: XVI: Preparing for product cost planning

UNIT- XVII: Material cost Estimate with Quantity structure

UNIT: XVIII: Costing Run